Carousel from Hell

Do I seem so wrong to you?
My reactions repulse you
You believe there’s something wrong with me
You think, “maybe it’s her new workplace, a bad crowd, such influence!”

What part don’t you understand?
That I’m like any other teenager you’ve come to hate?
As long as I’m under your roof
I always have to show you everything to prove?

You burn me right to the core, to the ground
I can’t breathe, I keep drowning, going around
And around and around, a carousel from hell
Maybe I’ll unplug the horse I’m riding and run away

It will scar me, I know it will
Carousel from hell will surely scald me until
I find a way to … give them what they really want
‘Cause I don’t need this … just long for some peace

~ by cendana on November 14, 2008.

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