What is a smile
Just the thought of it makes me think
What creates it
What makes one smile
And then
There is more than 1 kind of smile

So which smile is yours
Which smile is mine
A smile is sometimes so abundant
Yet at times, that’s all you need

Smile for me
Smile for me
But will I smile
Will I smile for thee

I see that faint smile
Growing thin as time goes by
I sense it when I don’t belong
And I smile to cover all along

Smile when you’re happy
Smile when you’re sick
Smile when you’re sad
Smile when you cry
Smile when you live
Smile when you lie
Smile when you try
Smile when you burn
Smile when you sleep
Smile when you love
Smile when you want to…


~ by cendana on September 16, 2010.

One Response to “Smile”

  1. Don’t think too much of the definition.
    Just give a smile to someone whom you comfortable with all the times.

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