Losing Faith

It’s 2 am in the morning and I sit here thinking… The weather has turned warm, comparing to the cold teeth-chattering moments I had few nights ago. It is not easy to forget nor it is easy to forgive. There are things you regret and there are things you learn to live with. But never have I ever felt more alone.

The things you thought you knew, the things you felt right, you dreamed about, are now out the window. Why? Just because… unpredictable, indescribable things happened. The more you scream, the more you lose your voice… and the more you try to explain, thousand lies and misunderstandings are born. Where else would you be… in times when no one cares, no one knows, no one understands. Your sorrows and your dilemmas – drown you in a pool of hopelessness. Yet, you try to swim to shore… and you’re actually dying while at it.

Leave me alone, you won’t… the things left unsaid are meant to be unsaid. ‘Cause despite everything that we’ve been through, nothing is in conclusion… nothing is as it seems. It tastes sweet, honey-coated, chocolate pudding… but as you start sinking your teeth into it, the sting becomes apparent… it just goes deeper and more bitter. I’d cry you a river, no I won’t… I’m crying to myself. You don’t even care. You don’t even ask why. What’s left to say… I’m already torn anyway. At the end of the day… the world keeps spinning, and I’m still breathing. Though hopes seem lost, and as I’m losing faith again and again… I’ll keep breathing… I’ll keep breathing…


~ by cendana on September 15, 2010.

One Response to “Losing Faith”

  1. (>_<)
    I want to see your smiley face!!

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