What a bum. In the sun.

So I’ve been shopping lately… and that’s because I’ve been coming across amazing sale..=) Plus, there are some things I didn’t have before and I got them for the long run anyway. I’ve also been sort of such a bum lately, not bum homeless, but bum as in lazy and holiday-mode. Say, today, what have I been doing most of the time? Just reading “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks. Now I’ve postponed reading this book for few days now, straight after finishing “The Notebook”, also by the same author. Ah, the simple joy of reading…

Now the nights and the mornings have been rather cold, I tell you. But the day, OH MY GOD! seriously!! I’m tanning too quick! Faster than I can slop on more sunscreen! =( For the first time in my life I don’t really want the tan much. Hence, my sunscreen stock… not that I have plenty, but I’ve finally bought a Banana Boat (200g) SPF30 for my arms and legs. And I’ve been using Kose CoenRich Q10 White UV Protector SPF50+ PA++ and Mentholatum Acnes SPF50 PA++ alternatingly for my face and neck. And since these for the face are of the smaller tubes compared to the Banana Boat, I thought it would not hurt to get another tube, this time I decided on Broccoli Sunscreen SPF42+ from the Skinfood range =) Hey, I read that broccoli and those kinds of vegetables such as cauliflower inclusive, have good qualities on fighting UVA and UVB! And knowing the sunshine in Brisbane and Gold Coast.. you’d know what I mean.. yeah, bye bye premature skin ageing and skin damage/breakage..

Another find that I found was ESKINOL facial cleanser! A friend of mine has been using it since she was young and recommended it to us but I never found it anywhere and I sort of gave up looking for it, until one day, just few days ago, I accidentally came across it and TA DA! so I bought one, the Avocado one, and it is nice! It’s refreshing, the alcohol is not too mild but not too strong but strong enough that you can feel mintyness touching your skin. I wanted to get the Papaya one as well but there’s none at the store, I swear there is a Papaya one.. (I read it online.. in MUA..)

Some online orders arrived this week =) and I got more PUPA products, I’m loving their lip glosses! And their Natural Eyeshadows are NATURAL! =P I hadn’t planned on having the entire series 01-04, but I went to different stores with my friend for fun and surprise surprise, I found each of the colour I don’t have . So now I own the PUPA Natural Eyes from the lightest (01) to the darkest brown (04) =)

Oh! No! I’m so tired that I shall go to sleep… will updaet/edite this nother time.


~ by cendana on September 19, 2009.

One Response to “What a bum. In the sun.”

  1. oh my God. i bought the best creamy eyeliners today! guess from where? SPORTSGIRL of all places! hahaha 😛

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