Winter Yesterday, Summer Today

Episode #1

After months of I am ..

So it happened. It felt like Winter 2 days ago, but yesterday felt like the start of Summer. I don’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it when I walked out the house yesterday to find myself in such humid weather.. O-M-G!
Well, for the past a month or so, I’ve been purchasing some skincare online, due to the lack of availability of these products here where I live.. (GHEY.. but ahh well)

And I’ve been postponing my purchases on BB Creams.. due to my indecisiveness and the lack of actual products here.. but I did get brushes, MAC primer, and brush cleaner and such =) I’ll talk about it another time.
It’s been making me smile (I know it sounds.. silly) when I find the package when I got home =)

First package: came from the eBay seller [legendeux]
-Skinfood Peach Sake Emulsion
-Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Moisturiser Cream

samples!! (Skinfood Agave Cactus BB Cream with SPF36++, little bottles in a box of Skinfood Agave Cactus lotion and toner, Peach Sake Serum and Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence)

From South Korea

From eBay seller legendeux, south korea

Second package: from eBay seller [skinfoodbestprice]
Cappuccino Mousse Foam Cleanser
Oh I have to say, this is so smooth and soft like mousse!! It smells like mocha/cappuccino but it’s not that in-your-nose strongness, but imagine the foam that covers the top of your cappuccino.. yeah..that’s what it smells like. and it has what I’d like to call coffee microbeads haha.. it’s actual grains/pieces of coffee particles that helps with cleansing/gently exfoliates your face without overdrying it =) the texture of this foam is just like mousse (hence the name)! imagine those chocolate mousse dessert.. yeah, like that. so, caution for any little kids around, they might think this is an actual chocolate mousse if it went to their hands.. ><

samples!! (gotta love samples)
I received Agave Cactus serum, Agave Cactus Bb Cream (again..), Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam (what an interesting combination..) and actually I think that’s it for the 2nd package.. =)

Third package arrived today! I was not expecting that at all!! I thought it was gonna be another week !! But even better! hehe.. thanks
Well, this package contains:

1) Kanebo Naive Facial Cleansing Foam Peach
2) Kose COEN RICH Q10 White UV Protector SPF50+ PA++ (Smooth Touch) ..
omg what a long name.. but that’s what’s written on the item description in the delivery note
3) Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Foaming Wash
4) Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion (this is actually a toner..they just somehow call it Powder Lotion? so misleading..)
5) Mentholatum Acnes V Tinted Milk SPF50+ (this is a sunscreen before putting on primer or any make up of any kind..)

From Hong Kong

From Hong Kong

Well as you’d probably noticed I bought the Mentholatum set. i thought both my sisters and I could really benefit from it when those acnes are around But I wouldn’t really use this solely. Cause I have a feeling it’s a very strong and concentrated product.
So yeah! I can’t wait to try them out .. tonight! Well, not the sunscreen ones..they’re for tommorrow. But at least the wash and the toner =)
Why am I getting all these high SPF products? Welllll as we all know by now.. the Australia’s weather’s gone weird.. it jumped straight to summer.. where is spring? I don’t know.. Has it got to do with the issue of the salinity in Australia? I’m guessing so.. Well.. whatever it is, I need sunscreen on my face.. I tan oh too so very easily!! I used to be fine about this whole getting tan thing.. until now.. I don’t want to be all patchy with tan lines anymore haha.. I mean, it’s ok once in a while. Too much sun on my face gives me breakouts anyway! So that ain’t worth it.. rather be safe than sorry!

PS: should I trim my hair.. should I not?!! I want to grow it… =S


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  1. You got a nice stuff.

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