How does prayer work
If it does work
Or if it doesn’t
The things that have happened
And are yet to happen
If you could have a say
Would you have altered anything?
I know I would…
If prayer worked
What would you have said?
What would you have asked for?
But reality stings you in the eyes
Bites your ears off and gnaw on your mind
Stabs your heart and you’re wondering what’s going on
Move on, live it…
A jockey rides again even after a fall

I have nothing much to say. Things happened for a reason, and I am not sure what it was. Was it a test? What was it? What happened anyway? What was I thinking? I was probably not even thinking anything at all. I don’t get it, but reality is that. Shit happens. 15th May.. it marks the beginning of.. a different level of friendship. Deeper than the surface. 15th May.. so many things happened out of plan, off balance, people get affected, people trying to get over it… 15th May.. next year, we’ll remember it.. another year of ridding bad luck… hope things will turn to the better.

I wish you were here… a lot of things I could be talking to you about right now, discussing it, confiding in you, just to keep me sane and to get me back on my feet, to make me ride on that horse again… to trust… but you’re far away from my reach. I can only wait for you here… Reach you and touch you only in dreams.
Hope things get better… for you, you, you, and me…

~ by cendana on May 18, 2009.

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