I like the way you are

Breath of Life Artwork by Burning Liquid
I like the way
The sunlight hits your eyes
How they smile, squinting a little
I like the way
The raindrops fall upon your hair
You’d shake your head, like a puppy in the rain
I like the way
Your nose twitch
Lines forming on the bridge
And your lips turn lopsided
I like the way
Problems cause you to think hard
Your brows would attempt to meet in the middle
And you have that faraway look in your eyes
I like the way
You have questions in your mind
And your eyes widen like they’d never blink
I like how you’d
Gaze into my eyes and say
Put your cold hands in mine, I’ll warm them up
Or you’d blow your warm air onto my skin
And you’d say that you hope it helped.
I like the way
Your lips feel against mine
I hunger for it over and over again

And these feelings
They remain
Growing stronger
With each passing moment spent without you
Oh how I miss you so
And you’re a world apart

Oh and I like the way we care
Without having to say a word
Even when in times I think you don’t
And so I like the way you are
Just the way you are

~ by cendana on April 19, 2009.

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