Hurt & Tolerance

Maybe this is something
That has not reached your heart
Not even once before
The reason why I’m still here
And not going away sooner
As you thought I would

You pushed me away
With your ignorance
Your annoying actions
Your piercing words
And somehow I manage to endure it
To tolerate now matter how much
You’ve slit open my heart
How many times you’ve confused my mind
When you’ve gone out of line

The only one thing
That I’m scared of is that
I’ll lose you someday
And I’m not ready for that
I’ve let go so many things in the past
You’re not one I want to let go
Anytime soon
Do you understand that?
So stop pushing me away
Stop saying that you’ll fade from my memory
And that someday I’ll hate you
Be mad at me, if you must
Because what matters to me now is that
I still care…
For you
I still dream…
Of you

~ by cendana on April 17, 2009.

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