Because I decided to

My mind is rambling and I had to put it down to words… so here goes…

What’s real

What’s fantasy

The mind speaks

A thousand words

Or even more

But I

I can’t keep up.


What’s real

What’s a dream

The fact that I

That I still am

Holding on to you

To a point that I

Can’t speak

My knees go weak.


Maybe this is it

A tiny spark of hope

The only breath

That keeps the fire alive


Maybe this is all

That will remain

A mere hope

That I still hold on to


Questions run

Never end

Twist my head

Twist my mind


Why do I still care?

Why do I still hope?

Why do I still keep it alive?

Why don’t I let go?

Because I choose to

Because I decided to

~ by cendana on April 10, 2009.

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