What if you are a puzzle to me

Grant my last request and let me hold you
When our lips do touch
And feel it’s not enough

What if I still am in love with you
No matter where you are
How far away you are
What if I still love everything that you are
Just the way you are
Even though countless questions
Appear in my head about you
What if I still want you in my arms
Holding my breath hearing your breathing
What if I still want to hear your heart beating
Against my ears when I hold you close
What if I still long for your warm touch
Whenever my body has turned cold
What if I miss gazing deep into your mysterious eyes
Hope for the moment to never fade
From my memories
What if each day
I still try to place the pieces
Of this puzzle called you
Building a bridge
Across this river that seems to grow larger
In which I wish I would not drown
Could you say I’m wrong to feel this way?
Would you correct me?
What if somewhere in the back of my mind
I’m still holding onto you
A tiny fire of hope still burns
What if I’m taking the easy way out right now
To hold you only in dreams
And reach out to you only in mind
So till we meet again
I’ll just leave things as they are
Sailing along where the waves take me
To reality and fantasy

~ by cendana on March 20, 2009.

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