Holding on

Drive off into the sunset, warm
Feel the breeze hitting my face, cold
Tasting the raindrops and
Let it drench my hair
Close my eyes and let adrenaline takes over
Arms out grasping the wind
Can you hear the peace that nature brings?
Be it the green fields on the hills up and away
Or the calming echo of the waves breaking on the shore
The clear blue sky with fluffy clouds forming figures
Let me close my eyes again and not wait
Maybe I’ll be a bird so I’ll fly away
Or a wild horse and gallop away
But I have to stay here
No sunset to drive off to
No breeze to caress my face
Raindrops mean storm
Lightning might even strike me
The nature isn’t peaceful to listen to anymore
The fields are brown and dry, not a green in sight
The waves breaking triggering my fears
You’ll shoot the bird I’d become
Or tame the wild horse in me…
So I …
Hold on… hold on… hold on…

~ by cendana on November 28, 2008.

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