Empty Glass

Sept 18th, 2008

There’s an empty glass
Inside this heart I see across the room
It’s so empty it echoes, all in gloom
Echoing a tune I’ve probably heard before
A sonata melancholy evermore

There’s a glass I see across a room
A glass made of glass, not plastic, not from a broom
Shatter it could, remain strong it would
It’s an empty glass, and it sings a tune
A tune so haunting, it scares the moon

Then one poured champagne into that glass
It giggles, it gives a little dance, and it laughs
Laughs, oh laughter never tasted so sweet
But that moment pass it by, all too short
The champagne is emptied, just like a shot
The glass with the golden bubbles
Starting to lose its vigour
Gently slipping away, it turns sour
The glass is again empty, it now tastes bitter

Waiting for another round of those
Those short and simple moments of joy
Bubbles of champagnes, fingers hugging its figure
Keeping it warm, unlike the cold heart that holds it close
The glass waits
So now it’s back to square one
I see a glass inside a heart across the room
It’s empty… the cycle continues


~ by cendana on November 5, 2008.

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