Dear Stars

November 5th, 2008

Dear Stars, your sides are uneven
If I die tomorrow, will you accept me?
To come and join your haven

Dear Stars, your colours are different
Do you hear me when I scream out to you?
‘Cause I wonder if you had ears to lend

Dear Stars, one of you outshines the rest
Who is it that does? Can I be friends?
‘Cause I always venture to be the best

Dear Stars, if you’re dying tonight
If you’re burning out of light in this cold dark night
Don’t just leave me and go out of sight

Dear Stars, can I keep talking to you?
To make me forget of time and of blues
Something’s not right, I can’t see through

Dear Stars, you won’t run away, would you?
When you see the tears start to fall
From our eyes red and sore, fighting through it all

Dear Stars, show me what it feels like despite
The constant rain and the storm all those nights
To be high up there and not surrounded by spite

Dear stars, I long for you to take me with you
Melodies of madness are fogging my view
I’ve lost my way, would you lead me back?


~ by cendana on November 5, 2008.

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