Bits and Pieces

October 14th, 2008

I’ve been twisting and turning
Each night I try to fall asleep
All these times spent thinking
About feelings I wish to keep
Waiting for the pieces to fit
And I wish to fight for it

Listening to James Morrison
While watching the horizon
Thinking all kinds of reasons
So I could be next to you
Not just in dreams, but something true
‘Cause now I still wait for the pieces to fit
To become a picture, a picture I want to keep

Listening to David Gray
While watching the sky turning gray
Thinking that this time it better last
‘Cause I want to surrender today
To let go of my heart
To let go of my head
And just let the feelings flow

Listening to Jim Brickman
Sweet dreams and a secret love
All these shades of tunes crowding my brain
Looking back I wish for no misunderstanding
If I’ve accidentally said things wrong
Hope that it’s enough to make things work
Hope my wait’s been worth the while
As I’ve countlessly said,
“Patience is bitter; its fruit is sweet.”

~ by cendana on November 5, 2008.

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