November 4th, 2008

What do you see?
Is it clear, what you want me to be?
There’s a wall
Standing so tall
Surrounding me, distant from you

Tell me how to be real
Tell me how to be me
‘Cause every time I try to
Climb up, you pull me to you
And said I’m not being me

So you leave me lost
And confused and sore
Numb and sick of it all
Can’t speak, filled with doubts
Struggle to go on
I can’t see the top of the wall anymore

On and on and on and on
I hear you in the background
Of it all
Let me be, just let me be
I’m drowning
I can’t breathe
Sinking, losing, choking
Stumbling, breaking

Go on break me, break me while you can
The more I climb, the more I swim
The more I fall, the more I drown
Go on break me and break me again
I can’t see what I want to see
And you don’t see, you can’t see
You’re sprinkling salt into this open wound.

PS: Angels don’t need to kill to know how to really hurt

~ by cendana on November 4, 2008.

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