The Hands

-August 27th, 2008-

I talked to your hand tonight
I told it to be gentle
To be subtle
To not let you down in exams
Or in quizzes or in pracs
In writing assignments
And when you need to write
To spell things right
To type with accuracy
And not to be stained too much by fantasy

I continued to talk to your hand
To stay smooth
Just like what my cheeks told me
And to be helpful
Like what the boxes in my new house told me
And to be warm
Like what my cold hands told me
When your hands hold them

Then I looked away,
But as I quickly glance at your hand
I wondered what was wrong
Your hand looked at me in despair
I asked it why, why do you have that glare?
Your hand didn’t say a word
But reached out to my hand and said
“I’m holding onto your hand
Never letting go
’cause without your hand, I don’t know
Where to go, which way to go, and how
How to go on life without your hand to hold onto.”

~ by cendana on November 2, 2008.

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