I’ll Be

unpolished words thought and typed up, before those words vanish from my convoluted mind,
at a dawn of a day on the 1st September 2008
while digressing
I’ll be the wings
If you’d be a bird
I’ll be the link
To your google search
I’ll be the moon
In your midnight sky
I’ll make you my only one
Do you really want to know why?
I’ll be the wind
To blow your sorrows away
I want to be the one
To make you smile each day
I’ll be your light
When you’re lost in the night
I’ll be a book
That you can read anytime
I’ll be one to surrender
I hope it’s not a crime
I’ll try not to cry
If you ever make me sad
I’ll try to not get mad
If I failed after I have tried
I’ll be an empty room
If you haven’t found me
I’ll probably be lost on my own
Keep crashing when I try to fly
And to the aforementioned question
Do you still want to know why?
I’m open to new directions
And leading me could be you
In the end
If you’d make me yours
I’ll surely make you mine.

~ by cendana on November 2, 2008.

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