-30th January 2008-

What do you call a feeling that grows?
What is it about him…
That she cannot get him off her mind?
Each moment that passes
Hasn’t been spent without a thought of him
This unfamiliar emotion is rising up within her
Soon it’ll overflow…

She can’t sleep.
It’s him she keeps thinking of…
Has always wanted to show what she feels inside
Though, many times, as silly as it might sound, she held back
On the things she wanted to do and say
Fearing he would not stay.

And since nothing is clear so far
She does not know how to show
The burning desire she feels inside
The longing of just to have him by her side
And that his presence makes her smile
Being with him creates a whole new world
A world full of indescribable feelings
Though for now she could only hope
And wishes and dreams and believes
That he would feel the same.

She asks herself every moment spent without him
What do you call a feeling that grows?
That makes her care about him more and more each day.

~ by cendana on November 2, 2008.

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