-August 28th, 2008-

And the day passes just like it should,
But I’m scared if I’ve let life passes me by
Without knowing if I have, let it pass me by
Will I be able to make up for it?

What is there to feel
When numb is all I feel
The crack in my sky is getting bigger
Slowly… soon… the rain’s going to pour
Making me shiver

Stupid, meaningless words swirl around
In my head
Making me not concentrating
In whatever I have just said
Lost in my own world
Pretending as though I’m not

The music keeps playing
And my head listens to every tune of it
Registering every haunting beat
Ripping my senses of the real world
Taking me away to the lands of dreams

There was a fire that used to burn in every corner of my heart…
Where is that fire now?

~ by cendana on November 2, 2008.

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